Why Liver Health Is Important for Endometriosis?

liver health and endometriosis

Endometriosis is a serious condition that is causing you pain, confusion, and frustration.

But endometriosis doesn’t just end with the uterus. Many of us think that the endometriosis is linked only to our reproductive organs and pelvic area. But as we all know, it can grow in places all over the body in some cases (kidneys, lungs, brain…) Endometriosis affects the body in various ways, such as making us feel fatigued most of the time or causing irritable bowel syndrome symptoms. Just as endometriosis affects the body, the body can affect endometriosis. Recently on This Is Endometriosis  I’ve written about how and why we should take care of our liver health when living with endometriosis. You can read it over This Is Endometriosis.

Many women with endometriosis have used various hormone drugs and lots of pain medications. These can put untold strain on the liver, and the liver is your key filter for the body. Undertaking a detox is the most efficient way to start any healing and repairing for the body. Because the liver is important in helping manage endometriosis.

The liver health and the importance of looking after this vital organ

Your liver is a vital cleansing organ for the entire body. It cleans and filters everything that travels through your bloodstream. This includes toxins from food, skincare products, waste chemicals and by-products from drugs, toxins from the air you breathe, chemicals off-loaded by natural bodily processes – like realizing stress hormones that the body no longer needs after the stress has passed.

The liver is responsible for filtering out excess and old hormones from our body. Endometriosis is an estrogen-dependent disease, as estrogen encourages endometriosis growth.

The liver plays a vital role in flushing excess hormones from your system, as well as regulate your immune system by destroying old red and white blood cells. So your liver has a lot of work to do.

When your liver is working efficiently and coping with the amount of cleansing work required, then your body will stay in balance and you will not suffer the effects of toxin overload. This is vital for women with endometriosis so that you can release surplus hormones and toxins, which will give the immune system the opportunity to work where it is needed – helping to tackle endometriosis.

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