Healing Endometriosis Symptoms With Medicinal Mushrooms

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It’s been a while since I started my blog series. I try to write and write new articles more often but sometimes endometriosis is not letting me do that.

You know what I mean. There are these days when I can’t even make it out of the bed, my brain is confused, so it’s better just to watch a stupid movie and wait for the next day.

Brain fog, stress, endometriosis fatigue….we all deal with them. I take a lot of supplements for my endometriosis symptoms but I realized it’s time to put something more into my diet. I’ve heard about medicinal mushrooms and their benefits for endometriosis symptoms, but I’ve never tried.

So I did big research and I started testing a new natural treatment – medicinal mushrooms for endometriosis symptoms. I’ve focused on medicinal mushrooms that can help me with endometriosis fatigue and brain fog, stress, and concentration. 

I was particularly interested in Lion’s mane, Reishi, Cordycepts and Chaga.

I began using medicinal mushrooms about two months ago. At this point, I can say that the results are positive.

These medicinal mushrooms helped me a lot with my endometriosis symptoms. I feel alive and full of energy. I can focus on work more than before. 

But at first, I was confused, not because I don’t trust natural remedies for endometriosis symptoms…but there was something else. Not sure how to explain that. Let’s say it just like that: mushrooms…

Anyway, medicinal mushrooms are one of my favorite natural remedies for endometriosis symptoms.  Living with Endometriosis truly can be a battle, and to be a reliable employee, good friend, and family member, I had to take drugs most days. But that’s not a solution.

That could be really bad for your entire health, there are so many side effects of those drugs.   The medical professionals don’t give us the right answers about how we can live with endometriosis without putting all that shits inside our bodies. We deserve to have the options to be “normal functional humans”.

That’s the main reason why I started my blog. When I started my medicinal mushrooms adventure I got inspired by a fellow endo sister Jessica Duffin and her experience with mushrooms. What I’ve been learning about medicinal mushrooms from experts such as Tero Isokauppila and Paul Stamets sounds incredibly promising.

My research had led me to explore whether medicinal mushrooms (I mean the legal kind) could help with my endometriosis symptoms. I just want to talk about the natural treatments for endometriosis. Because they are real and they are helpful.

Please, please understand that I am not telling you that this is the path for you, I’m simply bringing light to the fact that nature may have the answers so many of us are looking for.

The Best Medicinal Mushrooms For Endometriosis Symptoms

Medicinal Mushrooms are truly magical. We have always used mushrooms as food and medicine. In fact, many mushrooms have long been used throughout Asia for medicinal purposes.  

How to get rid of Brain Fog with medicinal mushrooms

We all know what brain fog does mean. But how many times did you ask yourself what exactly that brain fog means? Is it just fatigue?

Or is there more of it?

Fuzzy head and tiredness…

I know that when it comes over me I am not able to focus on anything. I just stay in front of my laptop trying to do some work. I’m watching the screen, and I’m watching…and nothing is coming up. I’m blocked, I’m like a zombie.

My vocabulary is smaller, I forget words and sentences, and my brain doesn’t feel as sharp as before. Sometimes, because of the brain fog, I feel really useless.

The fact that most people can’t understand what’s going on with me at that moment makes me feel lonely and depressed. And I’m not done yet… when I have these days I can’t drive my car, can’t work, can’t go out for a walk…because I feel confused, I am not me.


Healing Endometriosis Symptoms With Medicinal Mushrooms - Lion's mane


Supplements for brain fog

A couple of months ago I discovered Lion’s mane mushroom has the potential to improve memory and encourage brain neurons to regenerate. It’s even being used in studies on patients with dementia.

It took me 2 minutes to grab my wallet and order it online. I was lucky that I found it here in Bulgaria. Endometriosis makes us so desperate sometimes.

The Lion’s mane mushroom helped me a lot with my endometriosis symptoms – to stay focus and be more productive even when my period comes. When it comes to medicinal mushrooms, Lion’s mane is the best brain fog treatment. If you still don’t believe me or don’t like mushrooms/medicinal mushrooms, in general, check out this interview and watching this video.  


How to cure brain fog with Lion’s mane

Lion’s mane has a high level of antioxidants, is an anti-inflammatory, and has been shown to improve cognitive function by regrowing brain neurons.

Studies have shown antioxidants help reduce pelvic pain in people with endometriosis.

Reducing inflammation also reduces pain and could ease the mental challenges that come with endometriosis. It’s said that Lion’s mane mushroom is one of nature’s most powerful brain foods because it helps stimulate nerve growth factor (NGF) production – a neuropeptide that helps maintain neurons, which are the cells responsible for helping your brain process and transmit information.

So, whether you need to study for an exam, write a paper, or focus better at work, the neurotrophic benefits of Lion’s mane mushroom may help. One of the most discussed benefits of Lion’s mane in online forums is the steady energy boost it provides without the jitters of other stimulants.

Lion’s mane contains antioxidants that support overall cellular health. Lion’s mane has been shown to reduce lactic acid in the blood, which may cause fatigue after intense physical activity. It also promotes increased tissue glycogen content which promotes energy production


Healing Endometriosis Symptoms With Medicinal Mushrooms - Chaga

Cordyceps Mushroom Benefits for Endometriosis fatigue

I wake up and I am already tired. I’m barely able to stand up. I don’t have the energy to make my breakfast or even take a shower. I can spend the day unable to open my eyes completely.

Occasionally, it’s close to that sweet spot between being drunk and hungover, except no cocktail happy hour preceded it. Sometimes I am so tired I would fall asleep whilst being at work or driving my car and wouldn’t be able to physically get out of bed in the morning.

The endometriosis fatigue is getting worse and worse to the point I can’t go to work because I physically can’t move I can no longer fully function looking after my family, our animals, and working full-time too. I want my life and my body back. On most days, it’s like climbing up a steep hill carrying a baby elephant. I could go on …

Here comes the Cordyceps mushroom. It’s used by athletes to improve energy and stamina. It’s believed to work by increasing the body’s uptake of oxygen and supporting the adrenal glands. The effect of Cordyceps is, apparently, fast-acting, so I wouldn’t have to wait long to see whether it can help with endometriosis symptoms like fatigue.

Healing Endometriosis Symptoms With Medicinal Mushrooms - Cordycepts

Reishi Mushroom Benefits For Stress

I’m a highly stressed person. I’m overreacting, I’m always worried about something. Even the smallest thing (that’s not even a big deal) can drive me crazy. As we know stress is not good for endometriosis symptoms.

For me, it’s making all my symptoms worse. I notice that my fatigue and brain fog are worse when I’m highly stressed and my pain is harder to control. Stress may trigger adrenal stress hormones, which may alter heart rates and blood flow. The Reishi mushroom can help our bodies during times of stress.

Reishi is referred to as an adaptogen, a natural substance that supports the body in adapting to different stressors by regulating the release of stress hormones. It’s recommended that Reishi be taken at least twice a day to see the benefits.  


Healing Endometriosis Symptoms With Medicinal Mushrooms - Reishi

Healing Mushrooms for Digestion and Clear skin

Another medicinal mushroom, Chaga, is also known for its antioxidant properties — indeed, according to a report in the International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, a Chaga polysaccharide has been found in the brain to possess “strong antioxidant activity for scavenging free radicals.”

Although research is ongoing, credible studies have shown that the Chaga Mushroom may provide several health benefits, including

  • Stimulates and regulates the immune system
  • Nutritional support in the fight against cancer
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Anti-aging & Skin care
  • Ulcers and Gastritis
  • Supports normal cholesterol levels & Blood pressure

I drink Chaga tea 2-3 times per week. The taste is not the best but you can handle it. Chaga mushroom really helped me with my upset stomach and intestine.  



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