3 Steps To Moisturize Your Dry Skin

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It’s getting hot outside and I’m in summer mood. That’s why after my tips on how to get rid of cellulite now I’m sharing some easy tips on how to moisturize your skin naturally, especially during summer.

I always had dry skin, not too much dry, but sometimes I’ve been ashamed to put on some shorts and go out. If I didn’t put any lotion my legs would look like cracked up earth. My skin just feels tight and looks kinda flaky.

Last summer I had the worst experience because of my dry skin. I tough something is really wrong with me. So I went to the dermatologist, because I was scared of my life (seriously) and she told me my skin is too dry. After she told me everything was fine I went home and started to think about what I’m doing wrong and how can I change my daily habits.

And then I went on a journey to moisturize my dry skin and now I’m my own little expert.




Not only does it not feel or look good, but dry skin can also represent an open door to all sorts of infections. The skin is the largest organ in your body and it’s part of the immune system. Your skin can tell you is something wrong is going on in your body. If your skin is healthy it will keep you away from viruses and bacteria all the time.




Now that we’re heading into warmer months, you might think you’ve left dry skin behind with your thick sweaters and hot chocolate by the fireplace. Think again! Dry skin has no deadlines; it can strike on any day, at any hour, and in the middle of any weather pattern. Chances are, you’ll probably notice dryness here and there. I’ve rounded up the top 5 dry skin in summer causes to help you recognize how it starts before it comes in full force.


The skin gets dry during summer because this is what we do (most of us):

Spend a lot of time outside because the weather is really cool. It’s no surprise that changing temperatures can lead to summer dry skin.

Enjoy air conditioners. Air conditioners are a must in the summer. While they provide relief from all the heat, they can also dry your skin out faster than you can imagine.

Swimming. Summer and swimming go together like fall and pumpkin spice everything. As fun as it is to take a dip in the pool, chlorine leaves your skin feeling unusually tight.

Don’t drink enough water and we don’t eat that many water-containing foods.

3 steps to moisturize your dry skin




Now I’ve been doing the following for a few months now and it works for me. Nevertheless my legs are now much smoother and my skin is definitely not scaly anymore. I’m happy and ready for the summer.



Rule number 1 – drink a LOT of water. Yes, drinking water can improve your skin health. You wouldn’t believe how much this has helped me.

Water is a great way of losing weight because to lose weight, you need to drink water. Don’t get me wrong, water doesn’t flush out toxins and burns calories, your liver and kidneys actually do that.

But water hydrates. We all know that water is absolutely essential to healthy living. If you don’t drink enough water, dehydration sets in; your organs shut down, you’re sluggish, and you can’t think straight. Not to mention the havoc it wreaks on your skin. (Breakouts, dryness, inflammation, oh my!) Skin dehydration is a real thing, and its effects can be devastating. Getting your 8 glasses each day is a surefire way to stay on the path toward healthy skin.

So, I guess my advice is: keep a big water bottle or a water pitcher. I now drink water probably every 20 minutes.

I know that drinking a lot of water could be a hard job for many of us. The easiest way I have found to drink more water is by simply flavoring it with fruits and veggies. I love detox drinks. Not because I think they will magically change my body composition and get rid of toxins even if I eat junk food all day. You can check the full recipe here

Almost forgot, eat salads and drink smoothies. This way you get some water from food as well + a ton of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.


Maybe you are a coffee lover just like me. But don’t forget that coffee and also alcohol are very dehydrating and this shows on your skin.

So try to drink no more than two coffees per day and avoid alcohol. If you don’t believe me check out this article, it’s very interesting.




There’s nothing better than a steamy shower on a early morning to wake you up. Unfortunately, hot water is counterproductive to skincare, it strips away the natural oils in your skin.

Hot water causes damage to the keratin cells which are located on our most outer layer of the skin — the epidermis. By disrupting these cells, it creates dry skin and prevents the cells from locking in moisture.

When we take a shower and use soap, we scrub down all the fats and dead skin cells. This makes it easier for the water to escape from the skin cells, thus reducing the moisture in the skin.

With a long hot shower + soap we also scrub the bacteria that live on our skin. Our skin has its own microbiome (bacteria) that keeps it healthy and beautiful.




You don’t have to go completely cold-turkey. Try limiting shower length, or alternating with warm/cool temperatures.

We just take shorter showers and don’t use soap. You can use a kind of shower oil to keep your skin well hydrated.

Another shower tactic is to moisturize directly right after you get out, while the skin is still moist. Lotions are designed to help lock-in moisture in your skin, using them while skin is still damp, makes that job easier. You can try to make your own homemade body lotion. If you don’t know how to check my favorite recipe for a body lotion for glowing skin




Fat can do great things. While eating too much fatty foods might not be super beneficial for your health, some fat on your skin bring you amazing results. Especially the fats in coconut oil.

Coconut oil offers all sorts of skin benefits. Coconut Oil is rich in fatty acids, with lauric acid being the most prominent, and its complete profile can offer benefits for skin types that experience irritation, sensitivities, and breakouts.

The dry skin types that aren’t prone to clogged pores can benefit the most from coconut oil.

If you are lazy just don’t mix the coconut oil with anything else. Shove your hands into the jar and scoop out a piece of coconut oil and just rub it to your skin – that simple.

I am not saying use coconut oil instead of lotions and body butters, because it’s natural and everything else is full of poison. Well it might be, but seriously how natural can anything be anymore? And how guarded from toxins can you actually be in the world today?

It’s just my experience that coconut oil lasts longer and my skin doesn’t feel dry again within 1 hour after applying it.

But if you aren’t so lazy try making your own homemade body lotion with coconut oil. If you don’t know how, here is my recipe for homemade body lotion

Due to hot summer weather, dehydration, and bad nutrition you can get dry skin during summer. This is what you need:

Hydrate from the inside

Keep your showering and bathing time short and not too warm

Get some fats from the outside

Try this for a few weeks if you have dry skin and let me know how it goes! The important thing is to do it every day.





how to moisturize dry skin
how to moisturize dry skin
Home remedies for dry skin
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