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Natural Treatments

Why You Need a Castor Oil Pack to Treat your Endometriosis

castor oil for endometriosis

For some time, I’ve used a heating pad when endo pain strikes, but it is only in recent years that I’ve added an ingredient to this heat pack: castor oil. That’s one of the best home remedies for endometriosis pain I’ve ever tried. I also drink some teas that help me a lot with endometriosis symptoms

Natural Treatments

Teas for Endometriosis to Alleviate Pain and Reduce Flare-ups

tea for endometriosis

I’m sick and tired of the bloating. I spent the last two years looking into alternative endometriosis treatments than can help me feel better. I’ve found that some teas can be super beneficial to help reduce some of my endometriosis symptoms, like pain and endometriosis flare-ups.

Natural Treatments

How to protect your uterus with just 4 magic herbs

My Endometriosis made me curious to find a natural way to help my body. And the last two years I have been spending some time diving into Herbalism. In June, a friend of mine told me about a mix of herbs that is used for the treatment of some gynaecological problems. So I decided to try…I have been drinking it three times a day for three months. Trust me, I love it for the benefits it brings…