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Sauerkraut Stuffed Cabbage Rolls with rice and chickpeas

sauerkraut cabbage rolls

I’ve been eating sauerkraut stuffed cabbage since I was a child, and I’ve been working on this recipe for a long time to create the vegan version of cabbage rolls. Serve your stuffed cabbage rolls with a side of mashed potatoes and broccoli, and watch the rave reviews pour in…

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How to protect your uterus with just 4 magic herbs

My Endometriosis made me curious to find a natural way to help my body. And the last two years I have been spending some time diving into Herbalism. In June, a friend of mine told me about a mix of herbs that is used for the treatment of some gynaecological problems. So I decided to try…I have been drinking it three times a day for three months. Trust me, I love it for the benefits it brings…