The Best 5 Teas for Endometriosis That Will Make You Feel Better

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Healing your symptoms like pain, bloating, and flare-ups just with a cup of herbal tea for endometriosis are truly possible. Chamomile, Turmeric, and nettle are some of my favorite teas for endometriosis that are helping me cope with fatigue, pain, and endo belly.

If you have endometriosis and want to ease some of your symptoms, read on to know how to do that with some herbal teas.

What teas are good for endometriosis? Is there one type of tea that stands above the rest?

I want to say that no one type of herbal tea’s best for endometriosis. And also I’m not a nutritionist or a doctor, I share my ways to treat my endo symptoms.

Every herbal tea for endometriosis has a variety of health benefits. Some teas can help with pain and abdominal cramps; others can be calming and can help you relax in the evening, while others can help you to detox or support your immune system. And not every woman is going to be experiencing the same endometriosis symptoms as me. Some of you may suffer more bloating; others may have much more painful periods…

For example, chamomile tea for endometriosis is one of my favorites because it’s calming and has anti-inflammatory properties. Peppermint is great for muscle cramps, helping with digestive problems. While nettle tea can support your liver, which will help you get rid of those unwanted estrogens and, at the same time provide some great nutrients and also help reduce inflammation.

Drinking too much tea is not for you?

Check out my guide, The Best Supplements for Endometriosis, the only Endo resource you’ll ever need to manage your symptoms starting today! It’s not magic! It needs time and patience.

What is the best herbal tea for endometriosis?

Dedicating a set time (especially in your morning routine) to herbal tea for endometriosis can provide a calming, meditative experience. And it’s been found that stress can worsen endometriosis symptoms. So, creating a morning routine around tea can boost emotional well-being, which has the potential to reduce endometriosis symptoms.

#1 Green tea for endometriosis – to refresh and energized 

I love starting my day with green tea. Green tea increases energy; it’s also so great for the IBS symptoms of Endometriosis and ginseng, which supports the immune system.

Green tea is a natural diuretic that can help decrease water retention and alleviate period symptoms, including bloating and cramps.

Green tea can fight free radicals and inflammation: Green tea can help stop the growth of free radicals, which are components that can damage your cells and increase inflammation in the body.

How to prepare Green tea

There are so many ways to make your cup of green tea. What I am doing every morning is just boiling some water in a tea kettle, pouring it over one teaspoon of green tea leaves, and letting it steep for five or so minutes.

Peppermint tea for endometriosis

#2 Peppermint tea for endometriosis bloating

Peppermint seems to create the most instantaneous effects for me. Usually, I drink peppermint post-meal about 30 minutes to an hour after I’ve eaten to allow my food to begin digestion without disruption.

My body and my endometriosis are very sensitive to the foods I eat, so my endo bloat can start up often after eating and will usually hang around during my period. This is a great time for peppermint because as soon as I begin drinking the tea, my bloating and IBS-like symptoms begin to reduce pretty rapidly. It’s a great tea to carry in your bag in case you run into any stomach-related issues!

Peppermint tea is a refreshing herbal tea that can help boost mood and decrease pain. The tea has shown promise in improving exercise performance and decreasing cramps and muscle pains. Peppermint tea can help reduce bloating – the endo belly is a real thing!

How to prepare Peppermint tea

You can steep the leaves (I use around one tablespoon) in boiling water for up to 5 minutes to make a refreshing tea, which is always a good option for kicking coffee cravings.

Sometimes, usually in the summer, I prepare an iced peppermint tea that is SOOO refreshing. You need 2 quarts of boiling water, 1 cup peppermint leaves, 1 cup honey or agave, 2 quarts cold water. Stir peppermint leaves into boiling water and allow to cool. I like to let mine steep overnight, but you don’t have to leave it that long – just ten minutes is fine. Strain into a gallon container and add sweetener. I use a glass jar with a tight lid so I can shake it to dissolve the sweetener. Add enough water to fill up the container and chill.

#3 Turmeric tea for endometriosis to reduce inflammation

I’ve always wondered if there’s something more I could do to reduce the inflammation even further. So, back in the day when I first received my diagnosis and went nuts researching how to best rid my body of inflammation, I started making a tea that contained ginger, honey, and lemon. I later added turmeric. And when I could, I used fresh ingredients.

I drink one cup of turmeric tea a day, usually after lunch.

Now I’m lazy and just sip on a mug of tea steeped from a tea bag. I’ve tried several different ginger teas (some with turmeric, some without). But my favorite right now is Trader Joe’s Organic Ginger Turmeric Herbal Tea. I’ve also started putting a turmeric powder in my shakes in the morning. It’s made by Gaia Herbs and it’s their Turmeric Boost Restore formula. I blend it with a banana, some almond milk, and a pea protein powder mix.

Someone told me that in order to allow my body to really soak in the benefits of turmeric I needed to incorporate black pepper. What? Hence the hunt for the alleged uber anti-inflammatory tea (and other products) with ginger, turmeric, and black pepper.

herbal tea for endometriosis pain relief

#4 Nettle tea for endometriosis pain and cramps

Drink nettle tea to get relief from indigestion, nausea, excess gas, nausea, colitis, and celiac disease As I looked more into the benefits of nettle, I found out that this little herb has so many other benefits for those of us with Endometriosis and related conditions. It turns out nettle has been used as a healing compound for over 2,000 years. While I am a little late to the party, I realize now why this is so.

Nettle contains biologically active compounds that reduce inflammation. These compounds interfere with your body’s production of inflammatory prostaglandins, which play a key role in endometriosis pain.

There are chemicals in nettle’s leaves that interfere with the way that our nerves send pain signals. This results in fewer feelings of pain and makes this herb a right choice for pain relief.

Nettle supports the immune system.

How to prepare nettle tea

I dropped two teaspoons of nettle leaf in about 10 ounces of almost boiling water and let it steep for ten minutes.

tea for endometriosis

#5 Chamomile tea for Endometriosis

Chamomile is a tea that I don’t have enough of, but as soon as it’s in the house and I drink it, I feel the difference.

I use chamomile primarily to help with my anxiety and depression. It has worked for me and studies have actually shown it reduces generalized anxiety symptoms.

Another serious win for chamomile is that it also aids with insomnia, which many of us with estrogen dominance suffer from.

Additionally and perhaps the biggest benefit of all is that it reduces inflammation in the body by blocking the production of inflammatory compounds.

How to prepare chamomile tea

Besides just throwing a tea bag in some water and letting it steep for 5-6 minutes, you can make a delicious chamomile tea latte.

You will need:

  • 230 ml of water
  • 2 chamomile tea bags (or 2 tsp chamomile leaves)
  • 1/4 cup plant-based milk (your preferred variety)
  • 2 tsp agave or maple syrup
  • Ground cinnamon for serving
  1. Boil water and pour over tea bags (leaves). Let steep for 6 minutes.
  2. While the tea is steeping, stir together milk and sweetener and heat/froth.
  3. Once the tea is ready, pour in milk/sweetener, stir, and shake ground cinnamon over the top.

What is your favorite herbal tea for endometriosis? I’d love to try them! Send them in via the comments section.



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  1. Jenny says:

    I love how you discovered that something as simple as tea can have SUCH a big effect on your health. I am glad that you have got your own little “tea system”!

  2. Shar says:

    I’m a tea lover & enjoy herbal infusions. I’ve learnt many new things today about this beverage, in relation to endometriosis.

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